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Jiangsu Mingjiahui Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd / Changzhou Mingjiahui Lighting Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, established in June 2003, is located at the famous historical and cultural city - Changzhou, Jiangsu province, which is an important part of the Yangtze River Economic Golden Triangle, the central plateau around Lake Tai. The company's headquarter and factories are located inside the China National Lantern and Lamp Industrial Park founded in Zouqu, a government designated manufacturer and technology circle between Shanghai and Nanjing.

"Mingjiahui/Haotian" is a member of the China Lighting Electrical Equipment Association and Mingjiahui CEO Shicai Fan is the vice Chairman of Changzhou Lighting Electrical Equipment Association.fanshicai Improving the artificial lighting and developing the lighting industry in China are the ultimate goals of Mingjiahui. Mingjiahui has expertise in lighting design, product manufacturing and servicing. Mingjiahui provides complete one stop solution for customers. As of today, Mingjiahui has a complete spectrum of lighting products, including industrial lighting, road lighting, garden lighting, plaza lighting, decoration lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, etc. Mingjiahui has comprehensive manufacturing capacity, and has become one of the most competitive leading lighting equipment and service providers in China.

The management team of "Mingjiahui/Haotian" started the business in lighting industry back in nineties of last century. In their everlasting pursuit of the most advanced technologies, they have been constantly trying their best to learn and innovate. They have contributed a great deal to the lighting industry. Today, Mingjiahui's management team operates the company with the new modern theories, combining with the ideas from the old Chinese tradition, and their own twenty years' experience. The company thrives under the open-minded management and operations. Mingjiahui has formed its own unique company culture by cultivating the win-win business with customers. The Haotian brand name strategy has been very successful in not only the product quality but also the services. Mingjiahui believes in "Non-stop improvements, 100% Customer Satisfactions". The "Haotian" lighting products passed ISO9001: 2000 Quality Authentication, acquired national CCC and CQC product certificates and been awarded as "Famous Brand Name Products of Jiangsu Province". Also, Mingjiahui has been honored as "Changzhou Enterprise Credit (Contract) AAA", "Outstanding Enterprise", "China's Most Excellent Dealerships of Lighting Products", "Top 500 of China's Most Competitive Lighting Dealerships" and so on.

Mingjiahui invests heavily in product research and innovation. In 2009, Mingjiahui registered 5 patents for its innovations and inventions in new LED lighting fields.

"Mingjiahui/Haotian", is the sole distributor of many famous brand products in Jiangsu province. The company values working with high-tech institutions, such as universities (such as Southeast University), colleges, and research institutes. Mingjiahui also encourages employees to be creative, provides environment for employee to succeed, offers benefits package to retain talented employees. Mingjiahui has partnerships with Philips, GE, Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd and other famous international lighting companies to share technologies and business opportunities. Mingjiahui has been honored as "Service Center in China National Lantern and Lamp Industrial Park". More importantly, Mingjiahui owns an advanced Lighting Research and Development Center and a highly trained professional commercial service team. Because of its advantages on technology, quality and services, Mingjiahui has successfully completed many critical big projects, such as the projects for South-East Automobile Co., Ltd, Chengdu Bus Co., Ltd, West China University of Medical Sciences, Sichuan Biological Products Institute, Oriental Electrical Group, Shagang Group, Chengdu Aircraft Corporation, Taiji Group, Weigang Group and so on. Mingjiahui has earned many loyal customers for her quality products and services.

"Mingjiahui/Haotian" has been and will always remain to be customers' first choice at all the time!
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