Korea's fist sports art genre opening and development support
(First official event to introduce Korea's some sports artists)

Together with a new definition of sports art, Korea Sports Artist Exhibition is the first official event to introduce some Korean sports artists to overseas market which expects to develop a new genre pioneering and development.
With enormous experiences in various advertisements and designs, they have pioneered and developed a new genre
Sports Art with impressive artifacts.
People talk common theme of sports beyond language and culture.
Sports are more like a legend than simple exercise or entertainment. Furthermore, it can play a role in guiding life too.
Such active energy and beauty of sports are progressed with various arts like media, painting, sculpture, illustration
and design.
The fact that 2012 London Olympics is held in London, the center for the contemporary arts and Europe design, means the best event in 2012 may be a place of artistic and cultural exchange beyond sports.
It is expected that this exhibition may be the best momentum of enhancing Korean contemporary art, culture and company image by sharing common theme of Olympics and sports.

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